Square Recessed Series

SQUARE RECESSED SERIES. All critical parameters in downlight for the hospitality lighting, Shop light and commercial lighting , you also can find in the ROUND RECESSED, SQUARE RECESSED and TRIMLESS series.




Product feature:

  • Glareless;
  • Sharp Beam;
  • Narrow beam
  • High CRI;
  • Low UGR
  • Front Removeable…..


Model no. included: SR-DL3139  SR-DL3143  SR-DL3155  SR-DL3156  SR-DL3166  SR-DL3167  SR-DL3012  SR-DL3013  SR-DL3062  SR-DL3063  SR-DL3205  SR-DL3206  SR-DL3210  SR-DL3211  SR-DL3042  SR-DL3043